External data


icon is for uploading external data. You can thus create you own indicators. For doing this, you must use the geographic codes of the entities associated with your data (e.g. NSI codes for communes).

If you already have these codes, just copy-paste your data inside the import window, with the first line corresponding to the column names and the first column corresponding to the geographic codes. If not, you can clik on « open a template import Excel file... », you will get a list of the spatial entities with their geographic codes. You will have to arrange your data inside this template and then copy-paste inside the import window:



After pasting your data, click on 'Import data ' button 

You will be informed if the matching between your external data and the spatial entities has been successful.

Then, by clicking on 'refine definitions if needed', you can rename your indicator, choose the type of analysis (choropleth, punctual or individual values) and specify the sources of your data :

Click on to get a map of your indicator.